Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Product Review: Best Umbrella Ever

My husband has a theory about umbrellas. They don't actually belong to you. They belong to the universe. Everyone has left an umbrella somewhere...at a restaurant, in a closet at work, under a seat in a lecture hall, a taxi, a train...somewhere.  He believes that who ever happens upon that umbrella next is the umbrella's new owner. We all swap umbrellas because no one can actually keep track of one for very long. 

I have 5 umbrellas in my closet and I only remember purchasing two of them. They’re left over from my duck umbrella phase in high school.   OK....and maybe in college.


There are even more umbrellas in our cars.  Umbrellas are kind of like my jeans--it may seem to you that I have plenty, but there's really only one or two pairs that I wear. Umbrellas get busted so easily.  I seem to be the queen of having my umbrella go inside out or having the silver spoke poke out which makes the umbrella lop sided.

Well I hope to put an end to all of that forever! Since I walk to work now, I wanted to get a nice umbrella to use in the rain, snow, and wind. Who would have thought--researching an umbrella!? Well after a bit of time on my favorite website ever (amazon) I purchased the  GustBuster Metro Manual Umbrella, in Hunter Green.**

And oh how do I love it.  Did you know it's wind tunnel certified to 55+ mph by the College of Aeronautics? Pretty  cool. The nylon canopy is 190 thread count and is water, bleed, and fade proof. I didn't know umbrellas thread thread counts...  But best of all it has these raindrop shaped wind vents underneath to prevent the thing from flipping inside out! Brilliant. 

Everyone knows the two windiest places are Chicago (the Windy City) and UMBC. I could have used this in college, but I 'm just glad to have it now. Finally. 

Here we are in the blizzard of 2010: 

Before venturing out in the wind and snow

See those rain drop shaped wind release things?  

I typically fall for a good sales pitch and I always get so bummed when by purchase doesn't perform as well as the advertisement said it would.  But this umbrella does everything I expected! 

And because now I'm singing it...

If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call (ghostbusters)
If it's somethin' weird an it won't look good
Who ya gonna call (ghostbusters)

** This is not an advertisement. It's just something I like and that I wanted to share with people.


  1. You were always loosing your umbrella- I remember when you were in 6th grade and a patrol that Vanessa would always bring you your umbrella that you'd left in class.

    I gained many umbrellas in college. I'm pretty sure I went to college with one. And when I left 5 years later I had 3 or 4. Don't know where they came from. Currently we are low on umbrellas around here. There is one in my car and one in my backpack but we used to have tons.

    All that to say, I guess I agree with ryan's theory of umbrellas

  2. I also have to agree with Ryan's umbrella theory. I rarely use the 1 that I have just so I don't lose (forget) it. Kinda counterproductive huh?

  3. Think about it - you find a wallet. "Oh Shit! Someone lost their wallet!" - you find an umbrella. "Hell yeah I got an umbrella!"

  4. I am the lone dissenter to the "Ryan Theory of Umbrella Procurement". I have one umbrella--blue. I have had it for more than six years. And I got it for FREE at an event I attended. (But there may be some interchangeable black ones hiding in the closet that came home with your father . . .)